Creative Ideas of Playing LEGOs

We all love playing with a box of LEGO. We didn’t come from a particular team at that time, and I didn’t have instructions or diagrams to build a castle or a Star Wars spaceship. We thought about it a bit and used our imagination to build this LEGO set into some car instead. It was so far from the LEGO originated before. I thought I had become the most creative LEGO lover, but I wasn’t. Today there are many ways to let our creativity run wild with our beloved LEGO lovers. If you are looking for ideas to spend a fun time with your kids, you may need to consider playing LEGOs. However, sometimes it gets boring just building the lego set as written on the manual book. There are a lot of unique ideas to play with LEGOs. Check out some of the creative LEGO ideas I never believed in!

creative LEGO ideas

LEGO Train and Its Railways

I bet many of you have been on model trains. I have! Now, things are different. The difference with model trains is the large engine and the locomotive’s energy source instead of running on the tracks. It is controlled by a wireless controller and runs on triple-A batteries.

My kids and I enjoy building train stations and other facilities and the Minifigures to create a scene. You can find a tutorial or manual for building a train on Google. You may also end up making a wireless remote-controlled LEGO train that can actually move. Just unleash your creativity.

LEGO Brick Lights

Some aftermarket retailers are selling mini lighting collections that could be integrated into your creations. Can you imagine adding several to enhance a high-end model like the Creator Grand Emporium? I saw some custom spaceships with all the light circles. They look fantastic and add an excellent finishing touch to a version you spent a fantastic amount of time on.

LEGO CubeDudes

This is one of my favorite LEGOing trends. There is a very clear standard for people and the brain, which is a 3×3 block. Each of these blocks offers perfect opportunities for people who live in more compact spaces and can’t afford the space to build big cities or huge boats. Think about your favorite characters and use some simple exercises to create them on this small scale.

LEGO Stop Motion Video

legoRemember the old stop-motion movies? They have an unmistakable, spicy, and exquisite quality. What used to have a lot of film equipment and entire production studios can now be done with a simple DSLR camera, a tripod, a typical editing application like iMovie, and a wonderful script. Start with making a LEGO diorama. Then you can add the Minifigures in it. Finally, create a motion for every shot taken. What I can say about it is that this is a great job for kids too!

Creative Ideas of Playing LEGOs
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