Must Have Defense Guns

Must Have Defense Guns

The United States has seen a spate of gun purchases over the past eight years, and each year has surpassed the last. More and more Americans are realizing that they must rely on themselves for their family’s safety. The best growth in gun ownership is among first-time gun buyers, who often choose just one gun for home defense. However, the preparation doesn’t stop there, the best gun safe, for the best care for your firearms should also be practiced. There are three basic types of guns that every gun owner needs to protect their loved ones.


rifleBullets called “buckshot” are ejected from the shotgun in a flared cone that virtually guarantees a hit on an attacker at twenty-five yards. Rifles do not require precise marksmanship skills like pistols, making them perfect for those with little experience with guns in a stressful life-or-death encounter.


gunHandguns are often considered the primary home defense weapon, but they are secondary or backup weapons. Handguns are useful when someone needs to have their hands free for other tasks, such as getting the kids to safety or calling the police on the phone, and they serve as a backup when a longer gun jams or runs out of ammunition. The home defense gun should have a special the holster on its belt. It is quick to put on and leaves your hands free. Full-size handguns are much better for home security than small concealed carry handguns.


revolverThe revolver is the best generic alternative to a handgun for home defense, especially for people who have limited training and experience with firearms. They can be automatically simple and reliable. It is easy to determine if a revolver is padded or not, and they are easy to unload. A .357 magnum revolver of moderate construction is excellent for home safety in many ways. They are easy to grip even with older hands, which is important because any responsible adult in the home may want to use them.…